Why Investing In Mixed-use Property Projects Is A Win-win For Customers

Residential apartments with commercial spaces also known as mixed-use property projects offer the best of residential and commercial investment. If you are considering buying a home or a commercial space, then you might just want to look at a mixed-use property. Here’s why:

Best of both worlds

As more developers have started launching mixed-use projects, it has helped them offer a diversified opportunity for investment. It gives buyers an opportunity to stay close to the workplace and have social infrastructure within easy reach.

The goal of mixed-use developments is to offer every convenience possible in one area. From easy availability of residences to shopping malls, offices, extra luxurious amenities to having a bustling and lively atmosphere, it works out well for developers, investors and end-users.

Many of the modern properties developed in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities offer a community within the complex that offers everything easily from their homes, whether it is takeaways, retail shops, grocery stores, pharmacy or co-working spaces.

Real estate companies such as ESSPEE GROUP are launching such projects to meet the demand for self-sustainable living with the essential physical and social infrastructure.

“There is high demand for such properties from people wanting accessibility and availability of infrastructure. Such mixed-use properties are almost like self – sustaining units,” says Sharad Patel.

Benefits for Developers

Mixed-use projects are beneficial for both developers and buyers.  From a developer’s perspective, the main benefit is that it can capture all segments of real estate from residential to commercial and retail. This diversification helps in ensuring the success of the venture.

Such a model also offers the chance of providing good returns with more flexibility in land use.  The projects are self-sustainable in many ways and the development risks are distributed.  A developer can also restructure the project based on the demand for specific types of properties.

Benefits for Investors

For a buyer, it offers the chance of making a sound investment in addition to the comfort and flexibility of a mixed-use project.   The demand for residential and commercial spaces often feed each other. The ones that live nearby become the core customer base of the retail and shopping outlets, schools, entertainment centres etc. Whereas the easy accessibility of some of these options leads to a demand for homes. This fosters an investor-friendly environment for both buyers and sellers.

Mixed-use projects are a great option for both developed and upcoming locations. However, a project that is developed in an emerging zone has definitely more advantages of social and physical infrastructure.

Additionally, these complexes with a mix of both residential and commercial spaces are good for the economy. They also lower the carbon footprint as everything is easily accessible without residents having to drive for miles.


Mixed-use buildings have a wider appeal to a large segment of today’s investors. These developments present an advantageous investment opportunity, whether one is looking to buy for personal use or lease it out.