What Makes DIY Home Décor So Cool?

DIY, i.e., Do It Yourself has found resonance among not only homemakers but also men and youngsters alike, thanks to the pandemic. The forced ‘house arrest’ seemed to have activated the grey cells of us folks, trying to reshuffle the home décor just to have a sense of change. What began as a simple rearrangement of home furniture went on to a serious passion that outlasted the lockdown.

The DIY videos on YouTube have been one of the most viewed videos all through the lockdown, apart from, of course, the cat and dog videos. These handy tips compelled one to look up for unused artifacts, jars, dabbas, barnis, music instruments and even old bicycle chains and spokes for bespoke interior decoration. It’s a ‘budget-friendly’ passion that makes the most of whatever you have at your home.

All you’ve got to do is look around your home for interesting items that you love that will look great on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece, combine little stuff you already own into groups as vignettes and display them all together to create something awesome. Even a simple arrangement of books by their colours can work wonders for your living room or study room. A new coat of paint can breathe new life into old furniture and chances are that there must be some unused paint lying in your backyard.

Furthermore, succulent plants and an array of interior plants can add a dash of earthiness to your interiors. Nurturing such plants isn’t rocket science. A simple Google search just might make you an expert. YouTubers who offer such handy tips have already become household celebrities in their own right. There are also professionals who can re-do your home at any budget ranging from as low as 10k to 1 lakh.

So, is it just a fad, reminiscent of the lockdown blues? Well, not exactly. The re-doing of your home interior lends you an eye for aesthetics, which eventually seeps into everything you do. For instance, your office workstation might no longer look as messy as it used to, pre Covid-19 days, you just might stumble upon an interior designer in you and well, who knows you just might end up becoming a YouTuber offering insights into DIY interiors? If none of these ever happens, you will anyway come across as someone interesting to talk to, instead of just the weather and vaccination talks. Sounds fun?

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