The Role Of Industrial Parks In Economic Development Of Gujarat

The role of industrial parks in economic development of Gujarat

How industrial parks contribute to the country’s economic development? Industrial parks provide an institutional framework, modern services in administration, financial consultancy, training, technical guidance, information services, shared facilities, research and own infrastructure designed to meet the needs of companies they gather by providing them with modern services for the business development. A concentration of a variety of activities and services to support the industry can greatly influence investors' decision to switch to such a region. Successful industrial parks can, therefore, become centres of growth and innovation, supporting local development and contributing to the development of the national economy. The development…

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Importance Of Industrial Parks In The Growth Of India’s Industrial Sector

Importance of Industrial parks in the growth of India’s Industrial Sector

Industrial parks play a crucial role in uplifting the industrial growth of the country. Many state and local governments are showing increased interest in investing in them. What is an Industrial Park? Industrial parks also better known as an industrial estate or trading estate are area zoned which are specially planned for industrial development. Industrial parks consist of offices and light industry and can be considered as a heavyweight version of business or office park. Increasing investment in Industrial Parks Real estate enterprises have witnessed an increased interest in the past couple of years from state governments and industry bodies…

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