Be Selfish and Grateful to Stay Motivated

A lot of people ask me how I stay so competitive and motivated. The question may seem simple but for me to give an answer, it’s difficult. Being motivated for me is hard wired. It’s the genuine understanding that you have one life and a certain amount to time to accomplish what you set out to do and that keeps me going and that keeps the hunger growing.

There are 2 things that keep me grounded and drive me to stay motivated. They are – Selfishness and Gratitude.

Simply put, I am selfish with the time I have left and grateful for the time I’ve had. Being motivated is simply a mental shift in perspective. It’s the realization that time is your number one asset; you have to do right by it by being grateful with the time you’ve had and selfish with the time you have left.

If somebody asks me how I would like to be known, a successful businessman who has earned lots of money or the man who made considerable impact in the way everybody perceives the industry, I would have no doubt which one I would choose. Yes, I rather choose legacy over money. The urgency of a limited amount of time and the selfishness of legacy over the currency, adds up to the competitiveness and drive. Who really knows what tomorrow brings? That’s what keeps me hungry.