“Reality is boring. I like to shake it up. My art? I help make movies and buildings come to life.” — Sharad Patel

Founder of SP Cinecorp. Producer of The Tashkent Files, Chhello Divas, Buddha In A Traffic Jam, Vickida no Varghodo & more.

Passion, Dedication, Values, Respect. These define Sharad Patel’s oeuvre of life. Producer, Auteur, Filmmaker, Businessman and Real Estate Developer: Like a moving, kaleidoscopic painting, he juggles various roles effortlessly & flawlessly. A creative professional who not only possesses the ability to find connections in disparate nodes of life experience and to make thoughtful decisions, he is also a diligent entrepreneur who makes his businesses adept at managing and seizing opportunities.

Education: SP completed his schooling from Tejas Vidyalaya in 2005 and did B.Tech Computer Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad in 2009. He further pursued a course in stagecraft from the prestigious Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai.

His Filmography: In 2015, as the Producer of a blockbuster Regional film ‘Chhello Divas’, he changed the scenario of urban Gujarati film industry with its fresh and unique script. The film created a box office record of INR 20 Cr at that time. The success of this trend-setting movie immediately led Sharad Patel to establish his own Production House & Studio ‘SP Cinecorp, in the same year.

Later on, in 2016, he became the Producer of a critically acclaimed political drama ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, it was his first association with a Bollywood film. The movie made news for its powerful subject and an open discussion of academic dominance of an intellectual class cut off from realities of the Indian society.

After Buddha in a Traffic Jam, in 2017, he went on to become an associate producer of a family entertainer ‘Sweetie weds NRI’.

And continuing to follow his life interest in films, Sharad Patel produced a political thriller Bollywood Film ‘The Tashkent Files’ released in April 2019 and has been critically acclaimed. With more than 100 days run time in theatres, it is considered amongst one of the super-hits of 2019. It was recognised at the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI, GOA) and also received a standing ovation. The Tashkent Files was awarded the Box office surprise of the year 2019 at the ZEE ETC Bollywood business awards too.

Sharad Patel is the Presenter & Producer of “Vickida No Varghodo” which is a comedy Gujarati entertainer. It’s the Most Celebrated Gujarati Film of 2022 starring Malhar Thakar, Monal Gajjar, Manasi Rachh & Jinal Belani and directed by national award-winning duo Rahul Bhole & Vinit Kanojia.

Sharad Patel keeps himself abreast with the latest changes & progressive techniques in the cinematic medium. With recent successes and assured future ahead, he envisions SP Cinecorp Cinematic Venture Ltd as an entertainment conglomerate of the future. An entity that will collaborate with like-minded writers, directors, actors and visionaries like him so as to produce new & better content for OTT platforms, film mediums, etc., which will transcend boundaries on a global level, for the audience worldwide. He not only believes in finding opportunities and trends in cinema but also to create them as well for the rest to emulate.

Business Origins -Real Estate:

In 2010, while climbing the first step of his career, Sharad joined his father in the family business of real estate that spans over 3 decades. He has developed properties that fulfill the aesthetic and functional needs through various luxurious residential and commercial projects. He has successfully, independently completed 4 large scale projects in a span of 5 years. His most successful project is Brushellz Industrial Park, which is much more than an industrial estate. A space where businesses find a perfect launchpad for an exciting future. It is an optimally designed park that allows enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business giants to establish their presence in the heart of Gujarat, the growth engine of India.

First Steps towards Glamour World -Rajasthan Fashion Week:

After completing successful real estate projects, SP ideated, promoted and executed the renowned fashion week of the country, Rajasthan Fashion Week in 2012 & 2013. It was an extravagant event covered by Zoom TV in 2012 and Fashion TV in 2013.

With a creative and talented team that executes his vision and having presented successful cinematic pieces, Sharad is known to be a part of quality cinema where he is always keen to take up projects that leave a lasting impact on the audience. His dedication towards his profession has cemented his credibility as an exceptional executor and a creatively inclined producer. With his calm, focused and charming individuality, Sharad Patel truly personifies ‘Suave’.