Industrial Parks Can Help Accelerate Industrial Growth

Almost every urban centre has one. Industrial parks or IPs are vital to the success of small and medium sized enterprises, especially in a country like India that thrives on entrepreneurship.

With the Prime Minister’s Make in India campaign there has been a further impetus for creating industrial spaces where businesses of all sizes can manufacture, be independent and thrive.

Even a mid-tier city like Vadodara boasts of several industrial parks. Among these, Brushellz Industrial Park shines as an example of the right infrastructure at a strategic location and comprehensive planning.

Here’s why industrial parks such as Brushellz are important to the economy:

1. Fostering Entrepreneurship

Industrial parks are the incubator for entrepreneurs and businesses. They put together the infrastructure that nurtures and attracts businesses of all sizes.

2. Varying plot sizes

Different strokes for different folks. Most industrial parks today offer plots of varying sizes to best suit the requirement of industries. These are ideal for SMEs or manufacturing startups who can start small or big and then scale up accordingly.

3. Urban amenities

The benefit of using shared facilities is that businesses can leverage all the essentials at a low cost. For instance, telecommunications, postal facility, filling stations, water and drainage supply, dormitories, canteen, parking, street lights etc.

4. SME productivity

In countries like India, not all businesses are capable of ensuring that their business organization and infrastructure are of international standards. The role of industrial parks is to help SMEs boost their productivity with efficient planning, logistics and supply chain solutions.

5. Local development

Industrial parks help economic development in the regional or local context by opening up many employment opportunities. For instance, Brushellz Industrial Park has been instrumental in the development of the area with many new job opportunities for skilled and unskilled resources.

6. Jumpstarting your business

Starting a new industry from scratch or moving to a new location often takes up crucial business time in getting the paperwork done. Finding title cleared land with certification in a strategically located area close to highways is also a consideration. In a well-designed industrial park, you get a ready-made launchpad at a competitive rate. No more waiting for permissions and planning. Just set up shop when you are ready. Additionally, the transport logistics are also carefully organized in places such as Brushellz Industrial Park.  You have access to water supply, electricity, security and many other amenities right from the get-go.

If you are thinking of setting up your business in an industrial park, here are a few criteria that will help you select the right one:

  • Proximity to highways and other strategic areas
  • Reputation of the real estate developer
  • Amenities such as drainage and water supply, electricity, campus size
  • Readiness of infrastructure
  • Low operational and investment costs
  • Flexibility and scalability


Industrial parks are the lifeblood of the economy.  We have some shining examples of IPs globally such as Saudi Arabia Jubail Industrial city, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Tahoe-Reno Industrial Centre.

In India, there is an increased awareness about finding the right industrial space for your startup or manufacturing facility, leading to the growth of industrial parks. Successful industrial parks can drive economic competitiveness and create the roadmap for future growth.