How to cover an open terrace in India? 4 aesthetic solutions

What is the best way to cover open terraces, which is a popular space that most Indian homes have in their houses?

With so many different kinds of terraces and architectural styles that are mentioned in the older documents, it’s important to determine how we can come up with a design that will suit our needs.

Some recommended as well as popular designs that were previously used in traditional homes are still being used because they can provide better shade while adding value to any home.  

But with the onset of the modern era, the terrace is one of the most beautiful features of your home.

When you have a beautiful garden and kind weather all year round, the terrace is what makes you spend more time indoors.

Of course, some people use their terraces only in good weather to entertain guests.

If you ever had a look inside these homes, you’d be sure that they decorate their outdoor area with the same attention to detail as they do their indoor area.

And it’s not hard to see why some people prefer spending their time outside rather than inside (even if it rains)!

So, if you’re getting bored of having your terrace blank, or if it needs an update, check out these different styles available to see which one would suit your home best!

4 aesthetic ways to cover your terrace:


A gazebo is a pavilion structure placed in the centre of a garden, decorated with trellis works and vines for providing immense relaxation to its occupants.

Gazebos which are placed in private gardens at home can be used as summer houses. A gazebo can be also installed in parks and gardens, known as public gazebos.

-Covered Patio

A Covered Patio is a roofed structure attached to a house and extends the living space. It can keep lounge chairs and pool accessories out of the rain plus help to protect against unwanted wildlife like squirrels.

A covered patio is easy to build if you have the skills required for framing and electrical work. Many homeowners tackle projects like this for themselves.


A pergola is a semicircular structure or room attached to a house. It is mainly designed for serving as an outdoor sitting place and backdrop. Its basic function is to shade, guard, and protect the house against the scorching sun, mosquitoes, and bugs.

There are different types of pergolas you could use in your home according to your desired style and creativity.


A sunroom is usually an added space that is created by taking advantage of the roof on an existing house as the roof to the room.

The interior can be designed with a wide variety of windows to match any size or style of home. It is often installed as a small room that is tucked into a corner of the home, allowing it to look like an original part of the architecture.

Sunrooms often make use of skylights for natural light rather than adding electricity costs for artificial lighting


Using a terrace for a patio is an excellent idea. You can also do small flower gardens in the corners of your terrace garden.

You can always use some clever planning and good architecture to design your terrace garden.

Moreover, using some exotic plants in addition to the usual vegetables will spice up your vegetables and make them look more beautiful.

So if you are looking forward to a new and more beautiful life, then try this method once in your life. It’ll surely make you feel good about your home and garden.