A lifetime opportunity!

ESSPEE GROUP has its very strong hold in diverse verticals like real estate, entertainment, fashion, events, movies etc. Marching forward with a dynamic energy and unparalleled imagination, it seeks to have an army of individuals who are not only enthusiastic but also like to explore themselves by fuelling their potential and thereby making ESSPEE GROUP reach new heights.

Personal Assistant
(Min Experience: 5 Years)

He/She shall be responsible for minutes of the meeting. Such an individual must be adept at multitasking & scheduling meetings with clients and investors. A polite disposition & impeccable formals is a must. An ideal candidate such as this must adapt to the busy schedules and must be prompt, quick & decisive. He/she should be the point of contact for the CMD and must handle all correspondences.

Admin & HR Manager
(Min Experience: 5 Years)

An ideal candidate must maintain all administrative & HR records. He/she must maintain the database, salary records & should be able to calculate the salary of employees based on company HR policy. Such candidate must also handle employee issues in a polite yet firm manner and must also be a great multi-tasker.

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