Best Interior design trends for new homeowners

Interior design is considered one of the most important decisions in life. It is a reflection of one’s philosophy and taste. Interior design can also be referred to as lifestyle design and call for creativity, good taste, originality, flexibility, and good judgment.

The interior designer must have a strong sense of color, texture, line, and proportion. They must know how to mix different materials and offer innovative solutions for clients who are willing to take risks with their style choices. The interior designer must be able to imagine an ideal space that has not yet been created from scratch to provide an innovative vision for the client.

If you are planning to give a complete makeover to your new home then here we have compiled a list of the best interior design trends.

1.   Biophilic Design

The essence of biophilic design is to make interior spaces that evoke a sense of contact with natural elements. This can be achieved by incorporating nature into a building’s structure, materials, and spatial components. The rationale behind this is to create environments that promote wellbeing and well-being in humans.

This Interior design trend is gaining popularity due to its holistic effect on the human body and mind. It evokes feelings of peace, presence, unity, tranquility, security, and connectedness with nature which are known as positive emotional states.

2.   Bold Patterns and Colors

Today, there are global Interior design trends of minimalist interior design. However, to stand out from the crowd and make your place unique, you need to find bold patterns and colors that evoke an emotional response from your viewers.

Bold patterns and colors are just not the same things. If you look at the current design trend of minimalism in interior design, you’ll notice it is about having fewer things but having them stand out more. They have a strong color scheme with bold pieces that tie everything together.

A lot of people think that decorating with bold colors and patterns is a matter of getting carried away with your emotions when designing your place but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bold patterns work hand in hand with minimalist interiors because they create a visually appealing aesthetic.


3.   3D Art

3D art is having a significant impact on home and interior design. This includes furniture, accessories, decor, and decoration. Interior designers are using these products to express their creativity through their creations.

Some of the 3D arts that have been popular in the market include wood-burning designs, metal sculptures, and metal wall art. Many other categories are being explored like 3D lightings and holograms.

3D arts can be made from any existing object such as nails, screws, or even scraps of metal or wood material found at home or in the wild. In some cases, these materials are repurposed into something new and creative by altering them in some way with a 3D printer or laser cutter machine.

4.   Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces are an integral part of today’s living arrangements. They are the idea that a living space can be a place to work, lounge, entertain, or just relax and enjoy.

There are several different ways to incorporate multifunctional spaces into your own home. You can add personal items- like plants- so that they help add character and personality to your space. Multifunctional spaces also can include environmentally friendly features like heat recovery towers and natural light streaming in through skylights

It’s common for people to see the trend shifting towards more contemporary designs and less traditional styles. People want their homes to reflect their personalities and style rather than being derivative of a look from centuries past (e.g., Tudor).


5.   Colorful Window

Colorful windows can be turned into a focal point of interior design, but picking the right colors that work well together is not an easy job.

Depending on the amount of light in the room, you should always pick white or cream shades with windows. And if you want to make your window stand out, you can use black or other dark colors. Black, red, and natural wood are also good options.

A colorful window has a powerful effect on what your home looks and feels like. It will liven up the space and make it more interesting as well as comforting to live in.


6.    Two-Tone Color Combinations

Interior design trends are changing with the times. When you look at popular interior design trends of the past, you would notice that they involve a lot of white and beige tones. Today, color is more important than ever before.

A two-tone color combination can make a bold statement without being too much for your eyes to take in. The monochromatic combination creates an interesting contrast with its neutral tone or complementary hue and creates an overall beautiful scheme to enhance your home’s style.

7.    Rounded Edges

The interior design trends have been changing and evolving a lot over the years. One of the most recent and prevailing style trends is the use of rounded edges in furniture and house design.

The round-edged furniture is not only beautiful to look at, but they also provide comfort. They bring light into the room and make a cozy space to relax in without being in any dark corner or room.


8.   Cork flooring

Cork flooring is an attractive choice for home interiors. It is a popular and environmentally-friendly material that can be found in many interior design trends.

It is a relatively inexpensive choice paving the way for homeowners to replace their old flooring with cork. The material also looks more elegant than some other alternatives like bamboo or concrete.

Cork has antimicrobial properties that prevent it from being exposed to unwanted mold and bacteria growth, meaning it can be used in high-risk areas like medical clinics or doctors’ offices where infection control is a must. Cork flooring is popular for its natural appearance, looking old-fashioned yet modern at the same time, and its efficacy in reducing allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from entering the air from below.