Avoid Buyers Remorse When Investing In Vadodara Real Estate

Homebuyers remorse is real and avoidable. Wouldn’t you hate it if you start having second thoughts once you have signed the documents and sealed the deal for your home? Did you act in haste and are feeling gypped? Hundreds of questions will haunt you and you will never feel confident in your decision if you have made a hasty purchase. After all, this is real estate, not a garment that you can exchange or easily toss aside.

Here are some tips that can protect you from heartburn and possibly save you from being swindled:

1. Builders’ reputation

There are several builders and real estate companies in Vadodara. Before signing any paperwork, do a quick background check. Does the real estate company surface when you search for the best real estate company in Vadodara? What do the online reviews and ratings suggest? If you can find people who have invested with the said group in a similar or different location, you can get some answers there. You need to be extra cautious if you are investing in an under-construction project.

2. RERA certification

It is mandatory for every housing project in India to be certified under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA). You can quickly find out if the property you have shortlisted in Vadodara, is a RERA-certified project or not. Other factors that you can consider include, builder credibility, track-record of other housing projects in Vadodara, construction quality, etc,

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3. Create a list

Once you have finalized a property or even signed the deal, make a list of things that attracted you to invest in it. You will soon realize the reasons why you fell in love with the home. It could be the panoramic views, the accessibility to school and office, the joggers’ park, the affordability, or the location. There are multiple reasons that speak to us at the intuitive level when we shop for homes and properties. Trust your gut and intuition and stop second-guessing your decision.

4. Stop seeking validation from friends and family

Real estate choices are highly subjective. Unless you are speaking to an expert in the domain, you are bound to get conflicting advice and reviews when you discuss potential investments with your social circles. Ideally, your immediate family members and close-knit friends are the best people to advise you on this decision. Other people’s opinions can shake your confidence and often lose a valuable opportunity.

5. Stay within budget

It is very tempting sometimes to go over your budget especially when a property seems very attractive. In the case of real estate, overshooting your budget means a lifetime of EMIs and other expenses that continue to build up. One of the easiest routes to buyers’ remorse is shopping outside your budget. No matter how tempting a deal looks, evaluate it from your own financial standpoint and shop accordingly.

6. Discontinue the house hunt

Once you have made up your mind, it is silly to keep looking at other houses. You are bound to find deals that look more attractive, sooner or later. So put a full stop to the house-hunting expedition, once you are satisfied with a house or property. Unsubscribe from email alerts and disable the listing apps from your phone as soon as your offer is accepted.

Also remember, comparison is the thief of joy. If you have followed due diligence and selected your investment carefully, don’t overthink your decision. Just go with it.